Sign-up to Attend Mass

Sign-up to attend Mass in the Church!*

 By signing up, you are stating this for each person in your party:

  1. I am in good health.
  2. I have not traveled internationally in the past 14 days.
  3. I do not have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever of over 100, dry cough, unexplained muscle aches, loss of taste, etc.  

Attend Sunday Mass: Click to Sign-Up 

All age are invited to attend Daily Mass Monday-Wednesday!

Thursday Daily Mass is our school Mass. With the safe occupancy of the church full of students and staff, we invited you to celebrate Mass virtually with us at 8:30 am.

*NOTE: For attendance at Mass in the church, we ask/require you to wear a mask throughout the service.  You will be screened as you come in, as in many public places.  By signing up, you are attesting that you have not traveled internationally in the past two weeks, nor do you have the common symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, chills, muscle pain, headache, loss of taste, or shortness of breath.  We will live stream Mass each day, and anyone is welcome to drive up Mass.

Details for Larger Mass Gatherings (Weekend Masses)

Here is what you need to know to attend in-pew:

  1. Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to Mass to ensure sufficient time for screening and seating before the start of Mass.
  2. Personal facemasks must be worn and put on in your car before you walk to the Church entrance. (The double doors by the intersection of First Street and Elm Street.)
  3. All are highly encouraged you to bring pocket-sized hand sanitizer with you as hands must be sanitized before and after communion.
  4. Temperatures will be taken at the entrance door as a screening precaution.
  5. Sanitize hands in the narthex before entering the church to be seated.
  6. Usher will provide instructions and seat each person, couple, or family.
  7. As a health precaution, congregational singing during Mass is suspended as singing uses more air to expel sound and by extension, the germs you may be carrying will travel further than even the spacing of 6-foot distancing.
  8. Communion will occur during Mass with a single line procession up the center aisle. Please observe 6-foot distancing between each household during this procession. The center pews will begin Communion from front to back. Then the side aisles will begin from back to front and proceed via the center aisle.
  9. Hands must be sanitized before receiving communion and after.
  10. Households must leave the church together, and at the same time through the side door with the ramp. (Follow posted signs and directions from the ushers or Fr. Stan.)
  11. Gathering after Mass can only occur away from the doors of the church with 6-foot distancing between persons.


Details for Small Mass Gatherings (Daily Mass)

Phase 1a in transitioning to Public Masses continues with the addition of allowing a limited number of people to sign-up to attend Daily Mass in person!

  • 9 people per Mass will have to opportunity to sign-up to attend and celebrate Mass in person.
  • The Church will open 5 minutes before Mass.
  • Please do not congregate beforehand; stay in your car or at a safe distance until its Mass time.
    • After Mass, do not gather in a close group. Maintain a safe distance (6+ feet).
  • Anyone not living together (belonging to the same household) will have to observe social distancing.
  • Just like with the Holy Communion Sign up, Fr. Stan asks those who attend once to refrain from taking another time slot until all have had a chance to attend Mass. Thank you!

How this will work:

    1. Each individual must sign up for their own slot.
      For Example: A family of 5 must sign up for 5 slots; one slot for each member who wishes to attend.
    2. Each person must provide and wear their own face mask.
    3. Listen to Fr. Stan at all times for directions. 
    4. Sanitize your hands upon entry into the Church.
    5. Sit in either the designated seats (like at Adoration).
    6. Communion will be received during Mass.