Drive-up Mass

Come, “drive-up” and celebrate Mass on Sunday*!

* “Drive-In” Masses will continue every Sunday until further notice, but stay tuned for things are constantly changing!

Here is how this Holy Communion distribution will work:
1) After Mass, follow the usher’s directions.
2) Drive to the dirt/gravel road between First St and Main Street behind the Church. Please enter this road by the City Square Park end (S Pine St). OR COmmunion will be distributed as you leave the St. Joseph parking lot.
3) Wear a face mask, and receive Communion in the hand. Drive forward a little way, stop and consume the host.
4) Drive away slowly and have a great week!

Here is how Drive-up Masses work:
1) Mass will be celebrated outside.
2) Park in the parking lot or on the street.
3) DO NOT arrive more than 30 minutes prior to Mass.
4) Stay in your car!
5) Tune into the radio frequency indicated on the sign.
7) NO bathroom facilities will be available.
8) Mass will last approximately 45 minutes.

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