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You are invited to follow along with Fr. Stan
as he leads a group through the Holy Land!

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Invitation from Fr. Stan:

Dear Friends,

I invite you to journey with me to a land of beauty and haunting deserts, of noisy marketplaces and silent contemplation, of ancient walls and modern ways. The Holy Land is a place where all the ages of the world meet and all the peoples of the world gather, because here heaven and earth intersect. We will be guided through the Biblical places by skilled guides in the safety and comfort of our own bus. The hotels are excellent, the food exotic, and the sight smells and sounds of the places we visit will make you listen to and read scripture in entirely new ways. Your companions will be interesting, brave and will become great friends. I studied for a semester in Jerusalem, and have returned eight times, always sooner than I planned. I find it a place I want to show to people. There will be opportunities for early morning walks in Bethlehem and Jerusalem that will let you see tourist places without tourists, allow you to hear the cities awaken and see the people who live there go about their prayer and work. It is an extraordinary adventure. Consider making this pilgrimage with me.

– Fr. Stan Mader