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The word Liturgy literally means work of the people, within the Catholic Church it is used to describe all the public acts of worship that take place, as it draws the people into the work of God. Liturgy is in many ways the public face of the Church, it is through the liturgy that people engage with the faith and deepen their relationship with God.


Opportunities to get involoved in Liturgy at St. Joseph!

601 – Altar Server (Adults & Youth)
Assist the priest throughout the Mass. Participation includes carrying the cross or torches in the entrance processional, holding the Roman Missal for prayers, and assisting in preparations for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Boys and girls who have made their First Communion and are in the 5th grade or older are encouraged to become altar servers.  Adult altar servers are needed for the morning Masses that are held in the church and select funerals. Time commitment: Check-in at sacristy 10 minutes prior to Mass; approximately one-hour commitment.

602 Decorating Committee
Work with the Director of Worship to make certain the worship space serves the needs of the assembly adequately and attend to seasonal enhancement. Artists, flower arrangers, carpenters, designers, quilters, graphic artists, decorators, photographers—all are needed at various times. Volunteers possess artistic ability and have an eye for art and placement, creativity, and imagination to shape the setting. Volunteers are willing to continue to be informed about this ministry through the study of church documents. A physical requirement is that at least one of the members is able to climb a high ladder to access all altar locations. Time commitment: 3 or 4 seasonal planning meetings per year plus seasonal hands-on work.

603 – Eucharistic Minister (Adults & Youth)
Distribute Communion to the assembly at weekend Masses and special worships. The ability to serve in a liturgical role in a reverent and prayerful manner and love for people of God is needed. Volunteers must accept Catholic Eucharistic theology and be confirmed. Training is required and provided. Time commitment: Approximately one-hour commitment once per month.

604 – Funeral Usher
We can’t predict when funerals happen, but when they do, funeral ushers step up to help grieving families say goodbye to their loved ones. Funerals typically occur Tuesday-Saturday at either 10:30 or 11:00 am. Ideal funeral ushers are those with a very flexible work schedule or who are retired. Time commitment: Be available 15 minutes before the Mass of Christian Burial. Funerals themselves vary widely in time depending on eulogy length, so plan for about 90 minutes for the service.

605 – Greeter (Adults & Youth)
Welcome and show hospitality to people coming to worship St. Joseph. This includes but not limited to assist people with special needs, such as assist with handicap doors, providing directions, distributing parish information and assisting the ushers in emergencies. A successful greeter is one who enjoys meeting and greeting people, especially those who may be strangers and helping all who enter our church doors feel welcome. Time commitment: Check-in 10 minutes prior to Mass; approximately one-hour commitment per month

606 – Lector (Adults & Youth)
Proclaim the first and/or second readings and intercessory prayers during Mass. A successful Lector is a competent proclaimer of the Word and can easily be understood by those listening in the congregation. This is enhanced by a commitment to prayer and preparation prior. Physical requirements include the ability to process down the center aisle holding the Lectionary overhead as well as easily climb and descend stairs. Volunteers are required to attend a training session. Time commitment: Provide time at home to study the Word to be proclaimed in preparation. Check-in at sacristy 10 minutes prior to Mass. (Approximately 70 min).

614 – Sacristan (Adult & Youth)
Set out the cups, plates, hosts, and wine before each liturgy.  Purify and store all vessels after Mass.  A successful Sacristan handles sacred vessels with reverence and willingness to serve behind the scenes as needed. The physical requirements are to climb and descend stairs carrying small objects, climb a 3-foot ladder to retrieve and return objects from cupboards.  Time commitment: Check-in at sacristy 40 minutes prior to Mass and perform post-Mass activities 20 minutes after Mass.

615 Linen Caretaker
Pick up the used linens and towels from the sacristy after the weekend Masses, wash and iron the linens, and return them to the sacristy before the next weekend’s Masses. Washing and ironing instructions are provided. Participants must provide their own transportation, washing, and ironing facilities. Time commitment: 2-3 hours every other month

616 Usher (Adult & Youth)
An usher’s job is to help seat people before Mass, take up the weekly collection, and in the event of an emergency, direct the congregation regarding where to go for their own safety. We have a few training sessions throughout the year to make sure they are well-acquainted with our Emergency Disaster Plan. A successful usher is someone who likes helping others and feels comfortable giving directions to people with questions. Time commitment: Be available 15 minutes before and throughout Mass.

617 Worship Space Plant Care
Volunteers water and maintain the plants that are used seasonally on the altar and other areas of the worship space. Having a “green thumb”, knowing what a plant needs and when it needs it is helpful. Physical requirements include that one of the members has the ability to climb a high ladder to access altar locations. Time commitment: This will vary from season to season. Some attention paid to the plants each week is needed.


Interested or have questions about any of these opportunities to get involved?
Let us know!