Prayer Opportunities


Opportunities to get involved in Prayer at St. Joseph!

619 Eucharistic Adoration (Youth & Adult)
Parishioners commit to spending quiet time (one hour per week) praying before the Blessed Sacrament. This gives Jesus great honor and is an act of humility by acknowledging our need for, and dependence upon Him. Contact:

620 – Elijah Cup
The “Elijah Cup,” or “Traveling Chalice” as it is sometimes called, is a practice where an individual or family takes a consecrated chalice to their home for a week, put in a place of honor and pray especially for vocations.  They can pray in whichever way they feel most comfortable – say familiar formal prayers, read the Bible or meditate on the need for committed vocations. Contact: Mary Schullian at 952-679-4663 or

621 – Prayer Chain Member
This group of volunteers receives prayer requests. Anyone can call upon St. Joseph Catholic Community to request prayers for a family member or friend in need. Approximately 30 individuals pray each day for requests made through the Prayer Chain. Contact: Virginia Gelhar at 952-442-3705 or

622 – Rosary Group
The rosary is a beautiful, powerful prayer of the Church loved and prayed by Catholics from ancient times to the modern-day. Come discover the blessings of praying the rosary communally. The Rosary is prayed 30 minutes prior to all Masses. Beginners welcome. The Rosary is also prayed on Saturdays at 9:00 am in the Church. All are welcome.


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