Safe Environment

What is VIRTUS?

As part of our commitment to protecting the most precious among us, everyone who volunteers with children, the elderly or vulnerable adults is required to undergo free VIRTUS training as part of the “Essential 3” preparation (VIRTUS, background check and Code of Conduct).

The training is held throughout the Metro area on a variety of dates and times throughout the year. You can find a session and register online here.

Upcoming onsite training at St. Joseph Community are below:

Code of Conduct

All our parish lay leadership, professional staff and volunteer ministers sign a Code of Conduct each year to ensure that we understand and fully commit to our responsibilities to ensure the safety and dignity of our fellow parishioners that we serve, especially children and vulnerable adults.

You can access the online website that tracks this and other credentials for the Archdiocese here. If you have been VIRTUS trained or background-checked in the past, you already have a User ID. Send an email to the school office if you do not know your password (creating a duplicate User ID disrupts the credentialing system).

Contact our Safe Environment Coordinator, Sarah Richards at (952) 442-3715 or with any questions.