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600 – Worship Commission

As a community of faith, we highly prioritize the act of coming together to worship God. The Worship Council serves to enhance and expand our liturgies, especially through finding and improving ways for individuals to participate in communal prayer. We oversee perpetual Eucharistic adoration, organization, and training of liturgical volunteers, inclusivity for young families during the Mass, music ministry (including choirs and instrumental ensembles), and the general improvement of various liturgies. Members should be prepared to take on leadership roles in the continual improvement of liturgical life at St. Joseph Catholic Community.

Current Worship Commission Members

  • Tom Konrardy, Chair
  • Sarah Richards, Staff Champion (Temporary)
  • Heather Boll
  • Robert Schmitz
  • Chris Carson
  • Tara Klatt
  • Carol & Pat Miller
  • Virginia Gelhar
  • Patrick Kirsch
  • Trevor Jager

Worship Commission Meeting Minutes

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