News from Fr. Stan


News from Fr. Stan:

“St. Joseph has begun an exciting outreach adventure of working with over 100 volunteers who are committed to calling between them, every registered household in order to check-in regarding any needs they have, or ideas and talents they have to share. Are physical needs being met? Is there any sickness the staff should be aware of? Do they need groceries, etc? In order to be successful, we must have current contact information for each parishioner. Our volunteers are encountering many phone numbers that are no longer in service!”

Are you interested in helping in this outreach by volunteering to make phone calls?
If So, CLICK HERE to fill out the volunteer interest form!

Please take a moment and fill out this simple form so we can make sure your current contact information matches up with the information in the parish database. Thank you!


Palm Weaving Videos

Here are a few videos on different ways to weave your palm branches!
To weave a cross: CLICK HERE
For palm folding: CLICK HERE
To weave a beehive: CLICK HERE

Palm Branch Distribution | April 5 

Blessed Palms will be distributed on April 5 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. CLICK HERE for direction on how this is going to work!
Bring your almsgiving cups to drop off at this time too!

Relevant Radio: Rediscover Hour Interview

Earlier this week I had an interview with Relevant Radio to talk about our “Big Fat Catholic Wedding” celebration we had six weeks ago.  It will be broadcast on Friday, April 3 at 9:00 pm,  and on Saturday, April 4 at 12:00 and Sunday, April 5 at 2:00 pm.  You can turn in at these times on your radio: Relevant Radio 1330 AM.  Or, you can listen online: CLICK HERE.


Just for Fun!

Videos: New from Fr. Stan & 60 seconds with Fr. Stan! CLICK HERE to view!

This is Mary Jo Gothmann playing When Peace Like A River by Phillip Bliss…CLICK TO WATCH!
She is a concert pianist and organist, and the daughter of Jo and Corky Gothmann of St. Joseph Catholic Community.  

What some of you working at home might also experience …. CLICK TO WATCH!

When someone has too much time they create something like this. Remember to turn on the sound …. CLICK HERE!

If you need something to cheer you, to inspire you, to rejoice in the underdog, WATCH THIS!
Nessun Dorma means “It is night.” The final phrase sung is, “I will win, I will win!” skip the ad when you can, and watch the next 4:30 minutes.


Resources to Check-Out:

160, 000 Service Hour Challenge | STJ Hands & Feet
The 160,000 hours of service challenge is still running. Now you can record your service hours online! (CLICK HERE) In the past 5 months, 13,854 hours have been recorded. This is about 9% of the total, leaving 146, 146 hours to go until we reach our goal! Even though we are unable to gather together, there are still many opportunities to volunteer. CLICK HERE to see those options.

Celebration of Mass | Watch Mass 
Mass will be streamed live through Facebook every day at 8:30 am! These recordings will also be posted on the website by 10:00 am every day.

Perpetual online Eucharistic Adoration
Eucharistic Adoration has been postponed until further notice. However, the practice of a Holy Hour or Holy Half-Hour can be continued or started through online Eucharistic Adoration

60 Seconds with Fr. Stan
In 60 Seconds, Fr. Stan Mader will highlight what we’re excited about for the week at St. Joseph Parish. These episodes will appear weekly, occasionally more often if Fr. Stan has something more to say as a spin-off called “News from Fr. Stan”.

Parish App
We have a parish App! Please download it by texting App to 88202. It will lead you through steps to download it. The easiest way to get the right app is by entering the Waconia zip code when it asks for which parish. It takes just a minute and will give you access to daily readings, news about the parish, immediate access to the website and much more. We will be adding additional features as needed. (from Fr. Stan’s Article in the February 23, 2020 Bulletin) | FREE!
Free access to is our gift to you! You will find access to great Catholic content of all types! There are great resources for children too!

Listen to Sunday’s Homily | STJ Homily Podcast
Sunday’s homilies are recorded weekly and placed online on the following Monday. However, with the suspension of public Mass, homilies will not be recorded until Mass resumes publically. Please tune into Celebration of Mass to watch Mass which will be streamed live on Facebook.

Weekly Bulletins
To read the news of the parish, please “pick up” a bulletin on the weekend by signing up to receive the bulletin by email!


Past News from Fr. Stan:

What to do at a virtual Mass | An Instructional Letter From Fr. Stan

“Thank you to the hundreds who are watching the Mass being streamed live at 8:30 am seven days a week on the St. Joseph Catholic Community Facebook page. It is also available for viewing by 10:00 am every day on our regular website, Last Sunday’s Mass was got nearly 1,700 views. Some people have been asking how we actually participate in Mass when watching it on TV or online…” (CLICK HERE to read the full letter!)


Litany in Time of Need as requested by Archbishop Hebda for all, especially Catholic school students, to pray every day at 11:05 am.
View the “Litany in Time of Need” online here, or download the PDF.



From the desk of Fr. Stan:

On March 15, Pope Francis told his virtual audience that “in the present situation, in which we find ourselves living more or less isolated, we are invited to rediscover and deepen the value of the communion that unites all the members of the church.” He reminded them that, “united to Christ we are never alone, we form one body, of which he is the head.” He explained that “it is a union that is nourished with prayer, and also with spiritual communion in the Eucharist, a practice that is much recommended when it is not possible to receive the Sacrament. I say this to everyone, and especially to those living alone.” (From the America Magazine website).

Excerpt from the March 22, 2020 bulletin article. Click here to read the full article.