Christ Renews His Parish (Retreats)

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. As Catholics, we are called to witness to one another the amazing things God as done for us. The CRHP process allows us to do just that—take a break from our busy lives, share our faith with others, and get to know God through his works.

Since 1969, CRHP has impacted over 1,400 parishes throughout the United States. Today, CRHP is the primary program for both personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 states across America.

Learn more about CRHP by reading this Q&A about the Renewal Weekend.

Sign up typically opens 1-2 months in advance of the weekend on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited.

To sign up for the Spring 2019 Renewal Weekend, Click here to register.

Upcoming Christ Renews His Parish Renewal Weekends:

Spring 2019
Men’s CRHP #7:
March 23-24, 2019
Women’s CRHP #7:
April 6-7, 2019