Venezuela Mission

Did You Know?

A series of one-paged flyers designed by Fr. Denny Dempsey to create an awareness of the Archdiocesan mission in Venezuela and to create stronger bonds between the mission and the parishes of the Archdiocese.

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Flyer 1: A Tale of Two Cities…and Two Rivers
Flyer 2: The Blessings of Water & Electricity
Flyer 3: Coronavirus: Does this cloud have a silver lining?
Flyer 4: Baseball Withdrawal in the USA and Venezuela
Flyer 5: G0 Fly a Kite
Flyer 6: School Days
Flyer 7: Adventure is Out There!
Flyer 8: What does your t-shirt say…about you?
Flyer 9: The Price of Food
Flyer 10: What makes you happy?
Flyer 11: What do we do all our garbage?
Flyer 12: Building a House and a Home



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