Member Guide

St. Joseph Member Guide to My Own Church

Please check out St. Joseph’s new system for updating family information and providing you with records of your giving history and scheduling your ministries. Using My Own Church is easy, but here are some steps to follow and things to look for—just in case!

Steps for setting up your My Own Church account:

  1. Go to and hit the My Own Church button.
  2. When you get to the sign in screen, click the “New User?” link (see image below). You’ll be prompted to request an account.
  3. After an administrator at St. Joseph approves your account, you’ll receive an email with a link to log in to My Own Church.

What You Can Do in My Own Church

Note: You’ll always be able to access My Own Church via the St Joseph Parish website, but you may want to bookmark the sign in page for your own convenience.

Update Family and Member Information and Set Publish Preferences

Under the My Family tab, you’ll find information about your family and each family member. Please make sure that contact information (address, emails, phone numbers, etc. are up-to-date). You can add a family member if needed. Don’t forget to upload a family photo as well as individual member photos—these will be an added benefit for the St. Joseph Parish pictorial directory! Set your Publish preferences using the checkboxes provided to specify what general family information you wish to make visible to other St. Joseph Parish families using the online pictorial directory. Publish options are available for:

  • Address
  • Primary Phone
  • Primary Email
  • Family Photo

Remember that only church families with login credentials will have access to your family information in the My Own Church pictorial directory, and individual member information is not published. My Own Church does not publish your information to the general public.

Note: Before any changes you made will take effect, they must be approved by a church administrator. So if you don’t see changes take place immediately, don’t worry—we’ll approve your changes soon!

View Pictorial Directory

You can view the St. Joseph Parish pictorial directory by clicking the link below your main tabs. Search for a family by last name or use the letter grid to browse through families alphabetically by last name. Just as your family’s general information is published (or not published) based on the Publish preferences you set, you will see other families’ phone numbers, emails, photos, and addresses based on the Publish preferences they have set for their own records. We hope the pictorial directory will be a great resource for you as you connect with your church family!

View Giving History

You can view your giving history by clicking on the Giving History button.

It’s always a good idea to double-check our records with yours. If you have questions about your giving history or think we may have made an error, please contact Bonnie Delaney at 952-442-3702 or

Update Ministry Preferences and Availability

Under the My Ministry tab, you’ll be able to set up ministry preferences and update your availability.

Set family preferences:

  1. Click the Minister Preferences tab, then Family Preference, then click the Edit Ministry Preferences button.
  2. To have all family members scheduled at the same events, check the box at the top of the window.
  3. To set preferences for each ministry assignment, choose an option from the Preferences lookup field. Keep Apart is useful if both you and your spouse are Eucharistic ministers and you wish to serve separately because one of you needs to remain with your children. Prefer Together is the option to select if you and your spouse wish to be scheduled to serve together.
  4. Save your changes.

Set individual ministry preferences:

  1. Click the Member Preferences tab, select the name of the family member, and click Edit.
  2. To prioritize positions, just click and drag a ministry assignment to the desired order. Priority is determined by ascending row order. For example, if you move “cantor” to the first row, you’ll be scheduled as a cantor first; but if you’re not scheduled as a cantor, you may be scheduled for the choir (second row) and Eucharistic minister (third row).
  3. If you’re available to serve during special events, check the box at the top of the window.
  4. Save your changes.

Set service availability dates:

  1. Click the Member Preferences tab, select the name of the family member, and click Schedule Exceptions (you can also schedule exceptions by Event).
  2. Set the Begin and End Dates.
  3. Click the Add Date Range button.
  4. If you wish to apply the exception to all family members, click the + icon to the right of the desired End Date.
View Ministry Schedule

Click the Schedules tab to view the ministry schedule for the logged in family member or for the entire family. The icons at the top of the screen allow you to toggle between the two sets of schedules.