Small Groups

Living Faith & Life Together

New Small Groups will be launched in Fall 2024!
Groups will start in September.  Sign-ups will be available by mid-August.

Join a Small Group!


We welcome anyone, no matter where they are on their faith journey!
No experience is needed in a topic to join a group!
These small groups encourage a sense of belonging and create a vibrant culture of fellowship.

Small groups are a part of the Synod implementation for the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul.
A way of “Being Parish” as is seen in the Upper Room.


Frequently Asked Questions

Topics for Fall 2024


  • Eucharist
    Learn more about the Eucharist with “This is My Body” by Bishop Barron
  • Mass
    Learn more about the Mass through a video series, “ Teach Me about the Mass” produced by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul
  • Scripture
    Learn more about the scriptures with “Mysteries of the Bible” by Jeff Cavins
  • Prayer
    Learn more about prayer through a video series, “Teach Me How to Pray” produced by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul
  • Catholicism
    Learn more about our Catholic Faith through a parish-wide OCIA opportunity.

Why join a small group?


  • Encounter Jesus anew, expand our parish community, and meet new people.
  • Embrace a sense of belonging through faith-filled fellowship.

What to expect in a small group?


  • A small group is a group of people gathered in the name of Jesus around the Word of God for friendship, spiritual growth, and prayer.
  • Small Groups consist of 6-12 people who meet in homes, offsite at local places, or onsite at St. Joseph.
  • Groups commit to share life and faith. Life in small groups oftentimes leads to connections outside of group meetings.
  • Group time will include a time of relational connection, spiritual growth through teaching and discussion, and prayer with and for one another.

What does a Small Group meeting look like?


Each small group meeting will include some arrangement of the following 7 moments:

    1. Praise and Thanksgiving
    2. Personal Sharing
    3. Teaching
    4. Discussion about the Teaching
    5. Announcements
    6. Intercessions for those Outside the Group
    7. Healing Prayer for Group Members


Interested or have Questions?