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URGENT: Urge your Senator to oppose the PRO Act

Our most vulnerable sisters and brothers need our help RIGHT NOW.  The Minnesota Senate is expected to vote as soon as this week on what’s called the “PRO Act.” Essentially, it’s a bill that works to enshrine into law an abortion regime that disregards prenatal life. The PRO Act is part of the most extreme abortion legislative agenda in Minnesota history. Archbishop Bernard Hebda encourages you to contact your Minnesota Senator immediately and urge them to oppose the PRO Act.

Act Now: MCC Action Center


SouthWest Options for Women | Pregnancy Resource Center

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Friend Considering Abortion
“We are created to walk with and support one another; we don’t need to fear reaching out in love. Help your friend experience the strength of God’s message that resounds throughout time: ‘Do not fear: I am with you’ (Isaiah 41:10).”
USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities: “What to Do When a Friend Is Considering Abortion”, respectlife.or/l-o-v-e

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Pray for Dodds
In the USA, abortion takes the lives of over 600,000 babies a year. Can you imagine what could happen if all who want an end to abortion joined together? If each believer committed to prayer and fasting? And if we organized within our local churches so that our communities would do the same? What would happen if tens or hundreds of MILLIONS of Americans prayed for an end to abortion? We all need to pray without ceasing. And we need to tell our friends and church communities to join us. With God, ALL THINGS are possible.

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